chapter 11 first impression: stress

As any other normal college student, I find myself getting stressed maybe once or twice a week… every week. When I find myself in a stressful situation, one thing I like to do is isolate myself from everyone else and sit down with my planner and figure out what I am going to do from there. Another strategy I like to do is to talk to an outsider such as a parent or a friend and explain my situation and see what their opinions are. And lastly, sometimes when I’m stressed, I tend to watch my favorite show and pretend nothings wrong at least for the hour that its on.

These habits aren’t the worst, but they are probably not the best either. I know isolating myself probably would be the best out of the three of them. Sometimes outside opinions tend to sway you in a direction you might not want to go in and then you find yourself doing things because others want you to. And I know for a fact, pretending like the stress isn’t there and running away from it to watch tv definitely isn’t my best tactic.

Some other activities I could incorporate into my stress habits would be to be better at planning things out and not waiting until the last minute which causes the most stress. Even taking it one day at a time could show to help be more relaxed and focus more on the smaller victories.

One thought on “chapter 11 first impression: stress

  1. Hi Alexis! I enjoyed reading your post. Your ways of coping with stress seem like reasonable adaptive and effective ones. I agree with you that isolating yourself isn’t the best, however; sometimes it is good to isolate yourself to figure out what you have to do. Sometimes I need to isolate myself in order to get my stuff done. If you are being productive, then I don’t think that’s a bad coping strategy. If watching your TV shows for an hour when your stressed and that works for you then keep doing it as long as it’s not causing increased negative effects. Procrastination is something that many college kids struggle with. You could try training yourself to mental vacations to relax you. If you can talk about your stress, that may help you calm down as well and maybe if your calm you will be ready to do your work instead of waiting till last minute.
    Great read.


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