Development post; Chapter 4

Parenting styles are all different. Some parents are convinced that their kids don’t need to be watched like a hawk because they would never “do something like that”. While some other parents refuse to let their kids turn out bad mannered, so they feel the need to watch their every move and make sure they are meeting their standards. In reality, every child is different and they react and behave in different ways. So technically, there is not one specific way to parent your kids.

I believe though, that there are certain do’s and don’ts to parenting your child to best prepare them to grow up in today’ s society. Parenting should be a combination of some different aspects of each parenting style. You should have some aspects of helicopter parents as you want to have some form of authority over your child. You don’t want them thinking that they can go around doing and acting however they want. However, you don’t want to hover too much, as your child will not appreciate that and feel like they have to sneak around behind your back.

Tiger moms are another piece to the puzzle. You want to push your kid to be the best that they can be. You want to teach them to be ambitious and want to have motivation to push forward and strive to succeed. But you also don’t want to be the parent that pushes their kid to do something because that is what THEY want them to do. Every child is different, so if they have a hard time with something, or need more time, this is when the parent needs to step back and take some of that pressure off.

Jelly fish parents should be the smallest piece of the puzzle. You want to be lenient because like stated earlier, you don’t want to be too strict and not let them feel like they have someone to go to. Being too lenient though, will also have the same concepts as before where they do anything they want and have a hard time when they grow up and someone tells them no.

Having a system that is like a puzzle, one big idea with small pieces will work when parenting your child. Everyone is different, so the parenting styles should be different as well.


One thought on “Development post; Chapter 4

  1. Hi Alexis!
    It sounds like you’re describing what researchers have labeled an authoritative parenting style. This parenting style is indeed a healthy mix of some authoritarian and permissive parenting. Similar to authoritarian, or “Tiger mom” parenting, authoritative parents provide rules and expectations that their child is supposed to abide by. The difference, though, is authoritative parents explain their rules and allow children to have some input and exceptions when appropriate. Authoritarian parents tend to be less flexible, and this flexibility is where the jellyfish parenting piece fits in the parenting puzzle.
    Research has supported your belief that this kind of parenting does indeed tend to raise the healthiest children. Children of authoritative parents have a higher self-esteem, sense of autonomy, and form healthier relationships later in life.

    Very perceptive first impression!


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